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We pride ourselves in being the industry leader in mobile gaming and offer an extensive range of slot games now, and casino live games in the future. The HappiAffiliate program helps you to join this vast movement which has gone from strength to strength since launching. You will be provided with more than one source of revenue due to the ability to offer the desktop and mobile version. We offer the traditional Revenue Share and CPA structures whilst also being flexible in providing alternatives to suit you. We can provide you with an immense scope of creatives that is optimised for desktop, mobile and tablets combined with fantastic affiliate campaigns.


We segment our customers and deliver targeted promotions to ensure that they keep playing with us for years to come. We identify and serve our VIP customers with an exclusive world class tailored service and ensure they grow our relationship with them year after year. We are engaged to continuously providing the best games for fresh attractions to our players.

No negative carryover

You will receive one commission based on the total activity of your players on all of our brands: If in any month your commission drops to a negative balance, we will bring it back up to zero to start fresh in the following month. No Negative Carryover.

EASY TO WORK WITH is willing and ready at your service, and all that you need for a successful marketing promotion. In our industry leading affiliate management system you will find marketing materials designed for each brand and promotion, as well as in-depth reports on the performance of your campaigns.


You will earn commission for all of the players you’ve sent us for as long as they are active with us. And we are committed to providing great revenue earning opportunities and special promotions on a regular basis.


Revenue Share

We are committed to establishing a long term and successful partnership with every affiliate. We offer a progressive reward plan based on a net revenue percentage basis. If you would prefer any other type of partnership, please contact our Affiliate Managers directly. Share the revenue and have fun together!

Net Revenue means Gross Revenue less costs like license fees, gaming taxes, jackpot contributions, bonuses given to the players, payment costs and charge-backs/refunds. offers a multi-tier partner programs. For every sub-affiliate you refer to, you will receive up to 20 % of their net commission. For more information, please contact our affiliate manager.

There is no negative carry-over from one month to another, but negative balances from one product will still influence your total revenue on a monthly basis. All commissions are paid by bank transfer as per your instructions. Affiliate commissions will be paid by the 20th of the following month. If You have any comments or questions, please read our FAQ and affiliate agreement or contact our Affiliate Support.

  • Monthly Net Revenue
    0 to 10,000

    Earnings: 1,500

  • 10,001 - 25,000

    Earnings: Up to 4,375

  • 25,001 - 40,000

    Earnings: Up to 8,000

  • 40,001 - 60,000

    Earnings: Up to 13,500

  • 60,001 and up

    Earnings: Unlimited

Marketing Tools


We offer a great selection of banners you can choose from to promote our partner brands. To get your banners you need to be logged in to your account.

Progressive banners

Our progressive banners are automatically updated with the latest information from our partner sites. As an example you can show your visitors the latest jackpot, updated automatically, from one of our Casino Jackpots.

Free games

With our free casino games, you can embed the games into your site. Your visitors can play our games on your site with play money and with just one click away become new clients at our partner site. You also have the option to link your visitors straight to free games at our partner, by adding a free games link.


HappiAffiliate offers write-ups to our affiliates high lighting the features or promotions of each of our products. Simply log in to your affiliate account and follow the wizard to get your choice of text. You can also find screenshots and links to the different products for your convenience. (This feature is coming soon)

RSS Feeds

RSS, subscription feeds, are a great way of providing your visitors with daily updated news and content. You can pick and choose which feeds you want to display on your site.


Use our XML feeds to display content in a format that you can customize according to the colors and layout of your website. When a visitor goes to your webpage, they see the layout you created and the data is continually updated from our partner sites.

Screenshot Library

Screenshots are an excellent way to get more clicks. If you are doing a review on any of our partners, simple get your screenshots by selecting brand and product.

Cobranded Registration Page

For high performing affiliates we can offer a cobranded registration page to help increase your conversion rates. Direct your visitors to our registration page, which will incorporate websites logo along with an exclusive welcome bonus. Encourage your visitors to take advantage of the enhanced welcome bonus that is exclusively available for signing up through your website. Read more about our commission plans



Frequently Asked Questions

Does specifically assign cookies for the Affiliates? does assign a cookie to all affiliates referring to the website, but these cookies are only assigned once the user joins the program. The tracking of an affiliate is effected by the Affiliate ID that is present in your link and the user ID that is attached to the user when accessing the website. Upon accessing the website using your redirect link, the user is allocated a user ID (usually looks similar to: id=?). This user ID is linked to both your Affiliate ID and the cookie that is saved to the user’s computer upon their joining of the program. Once registered, their new Affiliate ID is then permanently linked to yours, and as such, you will be paid in terms of their revenue generated for as long as they are part of the program.

How does a player get linked to my account?

When a player visits your website and clicks on the link that contains your affiliate ID, and goes to the partner games website, your affiliate ID is recorded in the clicks to the website. If the visitor registers, your affiliate ID is linked to your affiliate account. Your affiliate commission is calculated as per the player’s net losses, for as long as they play one of our products. If they don’t register, and they visit one of the casinos directly at a later time, you will also capture that player. We check each person who visits the casinos in terms of their origin, and if they have come from an affiliate link, we attribute them to that affiliate.

Ways and strategies to make my viewers click on links

There are many of ways to do it. First, put up more links, and put the links in prominent places. Place these links in context by sharing with your users a personal testimonial. Links placed at the top of your site get more attractions and generate more clicks. It is critical to keep creative fresh. is always working hard to develop new banner and button concepts. Your suggestions and recommendations are always welcome. We are committed to giving you the best support in generating more revenue for you.

Should I worry about getting spammed by an affiliate? is committed to both preventing and dealing with any issues associated with spamming by our affiliates. All affiliates that are members of our program have agreed to our anti-spam policy. Please do not hesitate to contact us at: in case that you have an incident of this sort. We will contact the affiliate in question, and have him/her cease this action immediately.

Where can I locate my statistics report

Once you have created your Account and log in, you will find your reports and statistics in the left menu in My Account.

Where do I get my summary report?

Every month we create a summary report that you will find in My Account under reports.

Are statistics shown in the reports up to date?

The statistics for impressions and clicks are presented in real time. All other data (Deposit value, Net revenue and Earnings) are presented at approximately 13:00 CET every day for the statistics the day before.

Will negative earnings be visible in the quick stats?

No, they can only be seen in the detailed report.

Where to ask for an assistance and support? offers 24×7 support in your language. Our elite service and support ensures the highest customer satisfaction, which guarantees our long term affiliate partnerships. We also run industry leading personalized affiliate program system for web masters and provide support via advertising and e-mail campaigns. maintains the best and intimate communications between our partner sites and yourself, our affiliate partner, to help you get the most out of our affiliate partner programs.

What are the languages you limit your support?

We support our affiliate partners in their own languages. We are fully geared up to provide all our Affiliates with the best possible service.