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We pride ourselves in being the industry leader in mobile gaming and offer an extensive range of slot games now, and casino live games in the future. The HappiAffiliate program helps you to join this vast movement which has gone from strength to strength since launching. You will be provided with more than one source of revenue due to the ability to offer the desktop and mobile version. We offer the traditional Revenue Share and CPA structures whilst also being flexible in providing alternatives to suit you. We can provide you with an immense scope of creatives that is optimised for desktop, mobile and tablets combined with fantastic affiliate campaigns.










Revenue Share

We are committed to establishing a long term and successful partnership with every affiliate. We offer a progressive reward plan based on a net revenue percentage basis. If you would prefer any other type of partnership, please contact our Affiliate Managers directly. Share the revenue and have fun together!

Net Revenue means Gross Revenue less costs like license fees, gaming taxes, jackpot contributions, bonuses given to the players, payment costs and charge-backs/refunds. offers a multi-tier partner programs. For every sub-affiliate you refer to, you will receive up to 20 % of their net commission. For more information, please contact our affiliate manager.

There is no negative carry-over from one month to another, but negative balances from one product will still influence your total revenue on a monthly basis. All commissions are paid by bank transfer as per your instructions. Affiliate commissions will be paid by the 20th of the following month. If You have any comments or questions, please read our FAQ and affiliate agreement or contact our Affiliate Support.

  • Monthly Net Revenue
    0 to 10,000

    Earnings: 1,500

  • 10,001 - 25,000

    Earnings: Up to 4,375

  • 25,001 - 40,000

    Earnings: Up to 8,000

  • 40,001 - 60,000

    Earnings: Up to 13,500

  • 60,001 and up

    Earnings: Unlimited

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