HappiStar is an online gambling brand, focused primarily on offering sports betting and online casino products to certain Asia Pacific markets. Managed by a team of experienced and multi-nationals industry professionals, our goal is to provide a fun and exciting entertainment environment for our customers. Joining HappiAffiliate program will provide you a stable revenue source as we're growing


HappiStar is a rising star online sports betting project, and we’re glad we were able to partner up to help both of our projects grow. With HappiStar’s reputation of being one of the faster-growing online bookies in the region, it’s a pleasure to work with the brand.
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It is a true pleasure to partner with Happi Affiliate. We find our cooperation very productive and promising. Definitely recommended!


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Payment options

Affiliate Terms and Conditions


“Agreement” means (i) all the terms and conditions set out in this document, (ii) the terms and conditions of the Commission Structures applicable to the different products, (iii) the Privacy Policy, and (iv) any other rules and/or guidelines of the Company made known to the Affiliate.

“Affiliate” means you, the person or entity, who applies to participate in the Affiliate Program.

‘Affiliate Application’ means the application form found on this website whereby the Affiliate applies to participate in the Affiliate Program.

“Affiliate Program” means the collaboration between the Company and the Affiliate whereby the Affiliate will promote the HappiStar.com Website and create the Links from the Affiliate Website(s) to the HappiStar.com Site and thereby be paid a commission as defined under this Agreement depending on the traffic generated to the HappiStar.com Website subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and to the applicable Commission Structure.

“Affiliate Website(s)” means one or more websites on the Internet which are maintained and operated by the Affiliate.

“Commission” means the percentage of the Net Revenue as set out in the Commission Structure.

“Company” means HappiStar.com owned and operated by Blackbox Group BV, a company incorporated in Curacao with registration number 155412 and registered address at Fransche Bloemweg 4, Curacao.

“Confidential Information” means any information of commercial or essential value for any of the Parties such as, but without limitation, financial reports and condition, trade secrets, know-how, prices, business information, products, strategies, databases, information about New Customers, other customers and users of the HappiAffiliate.com Website, technology, marketing plans and manners of operation.

“Intellectual Property Rights” means any copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, inventions, domain names, brands, business names, utility brands, rights in computer software, source codes, rights in databases and know-how, design rights, Confidential Information, registrations of the aforesaid and/or any other rights in the nature of the aforesaid.

“Links” means Internet hyperlinks from the Affiliate Website(s) to the HappiStar.com Website.

“Net Revenue” means all monies received by HappiStar.com from New Customers in relation to gaming activities less

For the avoidance of doubt, all amounts referred to above are only in relation amounts generated from New Customers referred to the HappiStar.com Website by the Affiliate Website(s).

“New Customer” means a new first time customer of the Company who: Has created a new HappiStar.com player account, registering directly after having been referred from the Affiliate Website(s) to the HappiStar.com Website; has made a first deposit amounting to at least the applicable minimum deposit at the HappiStar.com Website in the HappiStar.com Website betting account in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions of the HappiStar.com Website, but excluding the Affiliate, its employees, relatives and/or friends; and is not already in HappiStar.com’s customer database (where the customer has previously closed his HappiStar.com player account and opened a new one through the Affiliate, such condition shall be deemed not to be satisfied).

“Parties” means the Company and the Affiliate (each a “Party”).

1. Introduction

2. Acceptance of Affiliate

The Company shall evaluate the Affiliate Application hereby submitted and shall notify the Affiliate in writing (via email) whether the Affiliate Application is accepted or not. The Company reserves the right to refuse any registration in its sole and absolute discretion.

3. Qualifying Conditions

The Affiliate hereby represents and warrants that:

4. Responsibilities and Obligations of the Company

5. Company’s Rights to refuse or close accounts and applicants

6. Responsibilities and Obligations of the Affiliate

6.1 The Affiliate hereby warrants and undertakes:

6.2 The Affiliate hereby undertakes, represents and warrants that:

6.3 The Company reserves the right to freeze the Affiliates account and/or deduct money from the Affiliate if any traffic is deemed to have been referred through fraudulent means or in breach of the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

7. Payment

8. Affiliate Website(s) and the Links

9. Termination

10. Liabilities and Indemnification

10.1 The Company shall not be liable (in contract, tort, for breach of statutory duty or in any other way) for:

10.2 The Affiliate agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the Company and its group companies/affiliates, successors, officers, employees, agents, directors, shareholders and attorneys, free and harmless from and against any and all claims and liabilities, including reasonable legal and expert fees, related to or arising from:

10.3 The Company and its group companies reserves the rights to participate, at its own expense, in the defense of any matter or claim in relation to the above.

11. Confidentiality

12. Intellectual Property

13. Relationship of the Parties

13.1 Nothing contained in this Agreement, nor any action taken by any Party to this Agreement, shall be deemed to constitute either Party (or any of such Party’s employees, agents, or representatives) as an employee, agent or legal representative of the other Party, nor to create any partnership, joint venture, association or syndication among or between the Parties, nor to confer on either Party any express or implied right, power or authority to enter into any agreement, commitment or to impose any obligation on behalf of the other Party.

14. Miscellaneous

15. Amendments to this Agreement

15.1 The Company reserves the right to, at any time and at its sole discretion, with or without giving any prior notice to the Affiliate, amend, alter, delete or add any of the provisions of this Agreement. If applicable, a written notice of the amendments will be sent to the Affiliate’s registered email address and such notice will be deemed to be served once sent by the Company. The Affiliate’s continuing participation in the Affiliate Program after any amendments or modifications have been made public will be deemed as the Affiliate’s acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

16. Governing Law & Jurisdictions

The validity, construction and performance of this Agreement and any claim, dispute or matter arising under or in connection to this Agreement or its enforceability shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Malta. Each Party irrevocably submits to the Malta Arbitration Centre, Malta, over any claim, dispute or matter under or in connection with this Agreement and/or its enforceability.




    What is HappiStar Affiliate (HappiAffiliate) Program?

    HappiAffiliate Program is a partnership program where you will earn commissions based on the wagering activity of players that you refer to HappiStar.com from your Website via online or offline via referrals.

    How do I sign up with HappiAffiliate Program?

    The HappiAffiliate Program is free to join. Simply fill out our application form and you will be contacted within 3 business days regarding your acceptance into the program. If your application is accepted, you will receive an email containing your unique affiliate ID, giving you access to banners, text links, and other content and marketing tools to add to your website.

    What if I don’t have a Website, can I still join?

    Yes, you can! For more details, please write to us at [email protected].

    Marketing & Tracking

    Will you track and give me credit for non-members that did not sign up on the first visit through my affiliate link but return to HappiStar.com later and become a member?

    Yes. We are able to track visitors from our affiliate’s website that don’t sign up right away but, return to HappiStar.com at a later date & sign-up. We set our protection period for 90 days to cover the first referring affiliate. The technology used to manage this is based on cookies.

    How does the system keep track of my players?

    We employs state-of-the-art technology in our tracking system to ensure you receive credit for 100% of the traffic you send HappiStar.com. Affiliates refer players by using their unique URL that is provided in the Media Gallery area. Through the use of cookies, visitors that click through an affiliate unique URL (banner, text link, email message etc) are tracked and credit is automatically given to the affiliate for players referred.

    Where do I get banners and content?

    By accessing our Media Gallery section you will be available to choose your preferred banners as well as text link for your Website.

    What are the withdrawal methods available to me?

    You can request for a withdrawal payout directly into your bank account.

    Commission Payment

    What is your policy on spamming?

    We do not tolerate spamming of any kind by our affiliate partners. If spamming by an affiliate is brought to our attention we will give the affiliate one warning (if judged to be a minor case). If the spamming does not stop the affiliate partner will be permanently banned from our HappiAffiliate Program.

    How can I check how much I have earned?

    You can login to your HappiAffiliate account to check your commission stats in real-time which is available to you 24/7.

    Do you reward the First Affiliate or Last Affiliate for referring a customer?

    The cookies are overwritten to benefit the Last Affiliate when a Customer is referred.

    What is a cookie?

    Cookies are a general mechanism which server-side connections can use to both store and retrieve information on the client side of the connection. More specifically, they are small data files placed on the computers of visitors to HappiStar.com from affiliated websites. These data files contain information HappiStar.com use to track and credit its affiliates accurately for the traffic they send. Tracking via cookies can include, but is not limited to, lists of pages visited as well as date and time when certain pages were looked at.

    What currency can I request when withdrawing?

    The currencies offered are IDR, INR, JPY, THB and VND. Respective exchange rate on payout date will be applied.

    What is the minimum withdrawal request amount?

    The minimum amount of withdrawal request is USD$100.

    Does negative balance carry over?

    Yes, we rollover negative commission balances. In the event that you carry a negative commission balance at the end of a month, it will rollover until you have enough positive earnings to zero that balance out.

    How often can I request for withdrawal?

    A maximum of one withdrawal request can be made for each calendar month. Affiliates can request for a second settlement in a month subject to Affiliate Manager’s approval. While we offer free withdrawal request however we will not be held responsible if the receiving financial institution or electronic wallets impose a fee of any kind at their end.



    Payment Options

    HappiAffiliate offers a variety of payment methods, including all and the most popular methods for our affiliates. We aim to help affiliates get their payment fast, convenient, and secure.